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40 ft storage Containers for Rent and Sale


Where will you store the extra items, equipment, files, supplies, and stuff when all your storage space is full and overflowing? Boxes, crates, trunks, bundles, etc. also take up space and need to be stored in a place where they are not affected by the changing climatic conditions. And if the stuff in them is important, they need to be protected from unauthorized access as well.

40-foot Storage Containers for Sale & Rent

Steve’s Storage Containers has years of experience in catering to the storage needs for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. The containers can be used for storing things or running an office.

The 40-foot storage containers for sale are of high-quality and can be customized as per the requirements of the customers. Double in size compared to the 20’ containers; these large storage containers can be used to stock as many things as you want to fit in them.


Dimensions of the 40 ft storage containers for rent

You can either buy or rent the storage containers from Steve’s Storage Containers. We also provide logistics services and a range of other ancillary services.

• External Dimensions:

o Length: 40’
o Width: 8’
o Height: 8’ 6”

• Internal Dimensions:

o Length: 39’ 5”
o Width: 7’ 8” – 7’ 9”
o Height: 7’ 8”- 7’ 10”

• Capacity:

o Cube Capacity: 2240-2389 Cu. Ft.

• Door Opening:

o Width: 7’ 8” (appx.)
o Height: 7’ 5” (appx.)

The 40′ shipping container rental services are the best option when you want to store the items or inventory for a few days, weeks, or months. Moreover, when renting for longer periods, you might even get a discount.

If you have a problem deciding which storage container to buy, our team will help you make the right choice. With safety locks, detachable shelves, and racks the storage container will be available wherever and whenever you want it.

All you need to do is type ‘40ft shipping container for sale near me’ and click on the link that will bring you to Steve’s Storage Containers website.

You can either ask for a quote here or call us at 845- 222- 2221 Or Send us an email at sales@stevesstoragecontainers.com


Steve's Storage Containers has a ready-made solution for your troubles that can save more than 60% of your money compared to other storage solutions.

Rent a 40 or 20-foot long container and store them in your yard or on your job site! That way you can have everything you want to store right next to you. Usages of a storage container are basically limitless.

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All steel construction ensures that no wear or tear can damage the container or what's inside.


If you ever want to move or remove your container entirely, it can be done without hassle.


Only one entrance which can be modified even further to provide utmost security against theft.


You can get yours in as little as 24 hours!


With 24 hour access.

Let us help you with your onsite storage solution.


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